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You are guaranteed to love these photo cubes! They are such a great way to display your photographs and your most treasured moments and memories. These cubes are wonderful for displaying themes such as a child's growth over the years. To personalize your order even more, print can be added to each and all of the photos in your choice of font. It is so easy to order, but before you do, send me a message with all and any of your questions. I will love to help you make your ideas come to life. As a professional photographer, I will love to look at your photos before you order and let you know how they will best fit for this project. It is my passion to make your photos look great!

Please send me a message with your attached photo of choice or you can email at Each photo will be cropped into a square.

These cubes are made of pine and are 3 inch square. There are six sides in which to display your photos. It is so easy, you send your photos and I print them in high quality. I then seal them to the cube and add a final non-glare finish that will stand the test of time. If you choose to send information concerning the photo theme you have chosen then I will add that information in a nice format to be used as one of the sides. Information can also be included on the photos themselves. I am so easy to work with and I will make sure that your order is exactly what you want before I make it for you. These photo cubes are extremely durable and will provide years of treasured memories. They are great keepsakes.

These make great themes such as:
*Welcome Baby (please include personal info such as full name, day of birth, weight, time of birth)
*Our Family
*Our Family Vacation
*Watch me Grow
*Family Pets
*In Memory of
*Halloween Costumes
*Best Friends
*Especially for Grandparents
*Especially for Dad Desk at Work
*Children's Artwork Display
*The Day I Met You
*Easter Egg Hunt
*Father's Day
*Mother's Day
*Christmas through the years

I have come to realize that life happens so fast. Moments that seem as if they are in the future are already in the past. It is like trying to watch a beautiful butterfly in flight. Just as you realize its beauty and worth it flutters away. If only you could catch that butterfly and hold it still while you study the intricate designs of its wings. That is what a photo is for me. A chance to always have the ability to enjoy the beauty of a memory that is already past. It is a means of holding what I treasure so dearly, and that treasure is time. After all, time is made up of memories. It is memories that warm our heart and soul. I love the phrase, "remember when?" So give the gift of memories to those you love and share the moments that mean the most.