Download of Supplemental Images for Complete LDS Come Follow Me (NT) Manual

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This listing is for a digital download of the images shown. With the assistance of this set and depending on how you decide to finish it, you can help generations of the children in your family learn to love the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This 374 piece collection of pictures is made from my own original artwork and created to be used with the LDS Come Follow Me Manual for primary age children for church and home study. . The images can be printed on card stock to be laminated, magnetic sheets, or transfer paper to be applied to felt (be sure to flip the pages before printing if using this option). 

FOR LESS THAN $1.25 a lesson you are getting 375 images on 30 jpeg files in a layout that is ready to print and labeled for easy identification, as well as additional png files featuring maps/keys with images to show which pieces are included in set, and outlines for the Come Follow Me manual lessons depicting which pieces are included to be used with each lesson. 

Excerpt from outline:

May Week 1: I Am the Good Shepherd
Keeping the Commandments: Baptism, Commandments, Heart (love), Jesus, Kindness/Forgiveness, Tithing (pay), Toys (sharing)
Jesus Obeyed His Father: Baptism of Jesus, Blessing the Children, Blessing the Sick (healing), Gethsemane (atonement), Happy, Heavenly Father, Jesus Teaching at Temple, Teaching the Gospel
Jesus Knows Me: Door, NT Man 3 (hireling), Sheep, Shepherd, Thieves (robber), Wolf
Truth Can Make Us Free: Chain with Lock, Key
Additional Pieces for Family Lesson: Blind Man, NT Parents (of Blind Man), People (neighbors), Pharisees/Sadducees, Pool (of Siloam)
Phrase: I do always those things that please him.

This Digital Download set includes: 3 zip files total; 2 with all the jpeg pages and 1 zip file with the outlines, maps/keys, and alphabetized labels for organizing your set. (Heavenly Father measures 4 inches tall in layout) If you would like the individual png images for an additional $15 please let me know and I will created custom listing for you.

Children learn best by utilizing as many senses as possible. These images used in conjunction with the manuals will help the children you are teaching use verbal, visual, and tactile senses to engage in the lesson and better remember what is taught.

I designed this set with the idea in mind that parents of young children would rely heavily on the primary manual as well as the family manual, since the family manual is mostly written with vague suggestions that may work for families with children of all ages. The images included can be used to tell the scripture stories associated with each lesson as well as supplement some of the activities in the primary manual. That way when your child goes to church the lesson is a review of what they have been studying at home with you that week, rather than their first exposure to it. 

I am hopeful that this set will help you make your gospel study be fun and memorable and the scriptures be your greatest adventure together!

By purchasing this item you are agreeing to the following terms.

You will only print images once to be used for personal use or church use (where applicable).

You recognize that the images are created by Oléa Gough and copyrighted by Rising Moon Adventures and are to be used only with permission. 

YOU WILL NOT SELL, distribute, or share the file or any of the images contained in the file. You will not alter the images or use them for your own projects without permission from artist. You will not use the images in anyway for monetary gain or share them in such a way that artist will be deprived of rightfully earned profits.

You understand that NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN after purchase. However, if you have concerns or problems with the downloadable files please feel free to contact me.