Resurrection of Jesus Easter Story Flannel Board Story

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This 61 piece "printed" flannel board story made from my own original pictures is based on the New Testament story about the Easter Story.

Story excerpt: "Jesus was taken away and beat with a scourge, a leather whip that had metal and sharp pieces of bone tied to it. Then they made fun of Him for saying that He was the King of the Jews. To make Him look like a king, they took all His clothes off and put on a purple robe, smashed a crown of thorns on His head, and gave Him a stick to hold. Then they made fun of Him, spit on Him, and hit Him with a stick. Then they put His own clothes back on Him and led Him away to be crucified. A man named Simon helped Jesus carry His cross to a hill called Golgotha where He was to be killed. Many of His followers came behind Him crying and mourning. When they arrived at Golgotha they nailed Him to a cross and lifted it up between two robbers also being crucified. The soldiers in charge fought over who would get Jesus’ clothes and a hung a sign over His head that said, “Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews”. People teased Him saying, “If you are God’s son why don’t you save yourself? Why don’t you come down off the cross?” He could have saved Himself. He didn’t have to suffer as He did. But He knew that if He did not, none of us could be saved. He did it for all of us, even those who teased Him, and tortured Him, and even those who killed Him. After all they had done to Him, Jesus prayed for them, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” The sky began to grow dark..."

Kids love to hear stories and look at colorful pictures. Thes set is perfect to use for Family Home Evening, Primary, or for the Faith in God Program.

Set Includes: Alabaster Box or Ointment, Andrew, Angel, Angels, Apostles (set), Barabbas, Blood, Bowl of Water, Cloth, Bread, Commandments, Cross, Crosses, Crown of Thorns, Crying, Cup of Wine, Dark Sky (clouds), Dry with Hair, Ear, Earth, Followers, Garden, Golgotha, Guards, Hands (serve), Heart (love), Heaven, James, Jesus, John, Judas, Judge, Knife (Peter's), Mary Magdalene, Money, Nail, Peter, Pilate, Pray, Questions, Risen Jesus, Robe, Rocks Breaking, Rope, Sacrament, Scourge, Sign, Simon, Sleep, Soldiers, Song, Spices, Stick, Supper, Swords and Clubs, Tomb, Unbelievers (Pharisees & Saducees), War, Washes Feet, Woman, Women (Jesus is 4 inches tall.)

Also included is a laminated copy of the story.