Baptism Bundle Flannel Board Stories Kit with Story Cards

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I was inspired to create this set as I thought about how I wanted to help my own kids prepare for their baptisms during the year leading up to their 8th birthday. Flannel board stories are a great way to teach and reinforce concepts. Any time you use all three senses (verbal, visual, and tactile) children remember what is taught better.

This set is great for baptism preparation, reinforcement after baptism, a baptism gift, primary or sharing time lessons, missionary helps, or for family home evening lessons.

This set includes 6 stories related to baptism. 1. Baptism - the first step 2. The Gift of the Holy Ghost 3. Jesus & John (Baptism of Christ) 4. The Plan of Salvation 5. Joseph Smith & the Restoration 6. Articles of Faith

Each of the stories come with a laminated copy of story with the words in a different color to indicate there is a picture for that part of the story. They are very user friendly for the reader and so much fun for the kids. Please see pictures for pieces included in each set. I am also including title cards for each story to help organize your collection.

The kit also includes the option of a box to keep your stories in and/or a discounted small board (8x11).