Complete LDS Come Follow Me (NT) Kit in a Box

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**I will get your kit in a box out as soon as possible. Regular turnover time is about a week. Thanks for your patience with my home based production.

With the assistance of this set you can help generations of the children in your family learn to love the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This 374 piece collection of pictures is made from my own original artwork and created to be used with the LDS Come Follow Me Manual for primary age children for church and home study. The images will be printed on transfer paper, pressed to felt, cut, and organized alphabetically in 11 cases which will be enclosed in a convenient storage box. 

Excerpt from outline:

May Week 1: I Am the Good Shepherd
Keeping the Commandments: Baptism, Commandments, Heart (love), Jesus, Kindness/Forgiveness, Tithing (pay), Toys (sharing)
Jesus Obeyed His Father: Baptism of Jesus, Blessing the Children, Blessing the Sick (healing), Gethsemane (atonement), Happy, Heavenly Father, Jesus Teaching at Temple, Teaching the Gospel
Jesus Knows Me: Door, NT Man 3 (hireling), Sheep, Shepherd, Thieves (robber), Wolf
Truth Can Make Us Free: Chain with Lock, Key
Additional Pieces for Family Lesson: Blind Man, NT Parents (of Blind Man), People (neighbors), Pharisees/Sadducees, Pool (of Siloam)
Phrase: I do always those things that please him.

For $179.99 (Just over $3.50 a lesson) you are getting 374 pieces, labeled for easy identification to go with all 50 lessons in the manual, as well as laminated keys picturing included pieces, a laminated outline for the lessons depicting which pieces are included to be used with each lesson, a storage container conveniently organized and labeled alphabetically in eleven cases, and a separate case for transporting pieces for current lesson or planning ahead for home study.

Complete your set by adding an 8x11 flannel board with dry erase on the back for writing out key phrases in each lesson.

Children learn best by utilizing as many senses as possible. These felt pieces used in conjunction with the manual will help the children you are teaching use verbal, visual, and tactile senses to engage in the lesson and better remember what is taught.

For basically the price of a download (per lesson) you are getting a physical item that you will be able to use for years to come to teach the valuable lessons in the New Testament to your children. And because of the durability of flannel board stories you will also be able to pass this set down to your children for them to use with their children... Generations of gospel learning!