Missionary Cards: Collections One & Two

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Written for a missionary, by a missionary!
These cards are the perfect gift for your missionary. This pack includes both collections one and two. Each pack contains eight 5x7 cards with original artwork, each with an inspiring message written for the exact moments when your missionary needs it most! (Total of 16 cards) All you have to do is add a personal note and send them off to or with your missionary! 
The letters in these packs include: 
-Open when adversity is overwhelming 
-Open when someone has disappointed you
-Open when you are missing home 
-Open when you are feeling down 
-Open when you need inspiration 
-Open when you are struggling with the work 
-Open when you need to hear from someone who loves you 
-Open when prayers seem to be unanswered 
-Open when you are having a bad day 
-Open when you need to feel close to the Savior 
-Open when you feel like you want to quit 
-Open when you don't get along with your companion 
-Open when the storms of life are raging 
-Open when you need motivation 
-Open when nothing goes according to plan 
-Open when something seems impossible 
We've saved you the hassle! Be there for your missionary in the moments when they need it most!