Rock & Lilly

Rock and Lily

I created Rock and Lily to bring uplifting swag to you, your phone, and your home AND to help inspire, tweens, teens, and young adults to stand up against pornography and cyber-bullying on smart phones. 
Have you heard the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" 
It's true! Just as bad images can get stuck in your head, so can good and they'll stick longer and harder the more you fill your life with them. Uplifting words will always outshine negative or degrading words and light will ALWAYS overcome darkness.
So take a minute and see what's new that can help you feel a little more joy and light in your life.  Even just taking a look around will do you some good :)
Oh and guess what else. A portion of every sale goes to the LDS missionary fund and towards projects that combat pornography, cyber-bullying, and teen suicide.