Baptism Flannel Board Family Home Evening Felt Story

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This 40 piece "printed" flannel board story made from my own original pictures is perfect for giving a talk at a baptism or helping a child understand the commitment they are making and how to continue on the path to eternal life after baptism.

Story excerpt:
"Baptism is the first step on the path to eternal life, and it’s a very big step. In taking this step you have chosen to separate yourself from the rest of the world and become part of Heavenly Father’s kingdom. You have chosen to live a life with higher standards.
A life where you will:
Dress modestly and keep your thoughts pure and your language (lips) clean.
Pick only uplifting music to listen to, books to read, and shows to watch.
Choose good friends who encourage you to be your best self.
Treat everyone kindly even when they are not kind (heart).
Put only healthy things into your body & keep yourself pure for your future husband/wife.
Keep the Sabbath holy (church).
Keep yourself worthy in all ways to enter the house of the Lord (temple)..."

These colorful pictures will help kids better understand and retain this important information. Great for baptism day, family home evening, sharing time, or baptism preparation.

Set includes: 10 footsteps with different action reminders, God the Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost, Atonement, commandments, laying on of hands, baptism (boy and girl), thought bubble, gift, scriptures, Earth, church, crown, prince, heart (love), eyes (see), ears (hear) hands (serve), lips (speak), sacrament, temple, friends, question mark, heaven, first (#1), how, why, what He promises, and what we promise. (Jesus measures 4 inches tall)

Also included is a fully laminated story card: Baptism - The First Step on the Path to Eternal Life

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