Jesus Healed the Sick and Afflicted Flannel Board Story Felt Set

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This 26 piece "printed" flannel board story from my Greatest Hero series is made from my own original pictures and is based on various New Testament Bible stories of Jesus healing the sick and afflicted.

Story excerpt: "As Jesus was traveling one day, He entered a village where He met ten men who were lepers. Because they were contagious, they stood at a distance and called to Him. They asked Him to have mercy on them. They wanted to be healed. Jesus told them to go show themselves to the priests. They did as they were told and when they did, they were healed. One of the men, when he saw he was healed, went back and praised God. He fell at the feet of Jesus and thanked Him for the miracle. Jesus asked the man where the other nine men were. Ten were healed, but only one had come back to give thanks. He told the man to get up. He told him he could leave, his faith had made him whole..."

Kids love to hear stories and look at colorful pictures. This set is perfect to use for use in church or family home evening.

Pieces included are:
Jesus, multitude, parents, eyes, question, two blind men, deaf man, Priest, man blind from birth, blind man, house without roof, temple, pool, bed, ear, tongue, Pharisees, Centurian, sick man, older sick man, leper, group of lepers, heaven, Jerusalem, world and heart. (Jesus measures 4 inches tall.)

Also included are two fully laminated story cards: Jesus Healed the Sick and Afflicted part one and part two.

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