Paul teaches The Armor of God Flannel Board Story Bible Felt Set

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    This 18 piece "printed" flannel board story made from my own original pictures is based on the New Testament Bible story of Paul teaching about the Armor of God

    Story excerpt: "We prepare ourselves to help share the teachings of Jesus as we put on the shoes of the Gospel of peace.
    We put on the helmet of salvation to protect our minds when we are careful to only watch good shows, read good books, and listen to good music.
    We are able to stop Satan’s fiery darts (the temptations and distractions he fires at us) when we take up the shield of faith. We do this as we try to be more like Jesus and believe that He can help us..."

    Kids love to hear stories and look at colorful pictures. This set is perfect to use for Family Home Evening, Primary, or for the Faith in God Program.

    Pieces included are:
    Helmet, Breastplate, Belt, Shoes, Sword, Shield, 6 Arrows defining each piece of armor, and 5 Fiery Darts of the Adversary. (Armor measures about 10 inches high when assembled.)

    Also included is a fully laminated story card: Paul teaches The Whole Armor of God.

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