The White Bag by Zion Bags

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What’s in a name? When it’s the WHITE bag the name says it all! It’s the perfect name for the perfectly simple product!

Ask any returned or actively serving missionary what they use (or used) to carry their baptismal whites in and, when they’ve served their purpose and are wet, what they carry them back to their apartment in and they will all tell you the same thing…in a plastic grocery, or worse, in a trash bag. Not the most appropriate conveyance for articles used in a sacred ordinance!

Well, Zion Bags took a look at this problem and, being totally dedicated as a company to providing “solutions that serve” for missionaries and the LDS lifestyle, we began the process and created our newest, most innovative product yet.

We are proud to introduce the WHITE bag!

Note: Please make sure to wring clothes out before placing inside WHITE bag

  • Coated water resistant interior for wet items
  • Drawstring top with cinch cords that double as shoulder straps for carrying
  • Large external vertical zippered pocket for personal items and protected from wet clothes
  • Subtle gold tone accents to serve as a reminder that this bag is special
  • Make sure to wring clothes out before putting inside bag

Additional Information


Poly Exterior/Waterproof Coated Interior


Drawstring, Zippered Pocket




19” H x 14” W