Christmas Nativity Flannel Board Story Felt Set

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This 17 piece "printed" flannel board story made from my own original pictures based on the New Testament Bible story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Story excerpt: "When John was a small child his mother had taken him to hide in the wilderness to keep him safe from wicked men. Because he grew up in the wilderness he ate what they could find there, locusts and wild honey. The clothes he wore were made out of camel’s hair. John taught the people that he was only there to baptize with water, to wash their sins away if they were really sorry for the things they had done in the past. But he taught the people that soon there would come a man who was very holy, so holy that John did not feel worthy to touch his shoes..."

Toddlers and Preschoolers loved to hear stories and look at colorful pictures. These stories are also a very good way for new readers to learn the skill of reading and retelling. My eight year old and her friends love these stories!

Pieces included are: Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Pregnant Mary, Manger, Stable, Donkey, Cattle, Shepherds, Sheep, Angel, Chorus of Angels, Wisemen, Gifts, Camel, and New Star. (Joseph mesures 4 inches tall)

Also included is a fully laminated story card: The Nativity Story

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