Complete LDS Nursery Manual Felt Set

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This 147 piece collection of pictures is made from my own original artwork and created to be used with the LDS Nursery Manual for church lessons and Family Home Evening with toddlers. The images are printed on transfer paper and pressed to felt.

FOR LESS THAN $2 a lesson you are getting 13 felt pages with 147 images, labeled for easy identification, as well as 3 laminated keys with images to show which pieces are included in the set, a laminated outline for the Nursery manual lessons depicting which pieces are included to be used with each lesson, and alphabetized stickers to help organize your set. Can also be purchased cut and ready to go for just $19 more.

Children learn best by utilizing as many senses as possible. These felt pieces used in conjunction with the manual will help the children you are teaching use verbal, visual, and tactile senses to engage in the lesson and better remember what is taught.

Pieces included are: #3, #7/Rest, #8, Adam & Eve, Angels, Animals, Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Baby Jesus, Baptism Boy, Baptism Girl, Bath, Bed/Sleep, Bible (Opened Scriptures), Birds, Blessing a Baby, Blessing the Sick, Blind Man, Blue Sky, Books, Boy 2, Boy - Scripture, Boy Jesus, Brother/Boy 1, Children - Scripture, Children/Bodies, Church/Worship, Circle, Clothes/Dressed, Coat, Commandment/Obey, Confirmation Boy, Confirmation Girl, Crayons, CTR, Daniel, David, Doctor, Doll, Ear/Hear/Listen, Earth, Enos, Eyes/Look/See/Seek, Family, Father & Son, Father/Man 1, Feet/Shoes/Toes, Flowers/Plants, Food/Breakfast, Food/Dinner, Forever, Friends/Children, Frist Vision, Fruit, Gift/Blessings, Girl 2, Girl - Scripture, Gloves, Grandparents, Hands/Serve, Happy, Hat, Heavenly Father, Heavens, Holy Ghost, Home, Hunt, Hurt Man - (Samaritan Story), "I Belong", "I'm Sorry", Jesus, Jesus & John - (Baptism), John the Baptist, Joseph Smith, Kind/Forgive/Hug, Laman & Lemuel, Left Over Baskets, Leper, Lepers, Levite/Man #1 - (Samaritan Story), Lilac Tree, Loaves & Fish, Love, Manger, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Missionaries, Moon/Night, Moses, Moses & Commandments, Mother/Woman 1, Mountain, Mouth/Lips/Speak, Music, Nativity, Nephi, Nephites, Noah & Ark, "of Jesus Christ", "of Latter-Day Saints", People/Multitude, Pets/Animals, Plants/Trees, "Please Bless", "Please", Prayer, Praying Children, Praying Family, Priest/Man #2 - (Samaritan Story), Priesthood Holders- (Men & Boys), Prophet, Rain/Storm, Resurrected Jesus, Remember Jesus, Reverent/Sit Quietly, Rose, Sacrament - (Trays), Sacrament - (Bread & Water), Sad, Samaritan, Samuel , the Lamanite, Scriptures, Ship/Boat, Sick, Sister/Girl 1, Smile/Frown, Soap/Wash, Spirit Children, Stars/Night, Sun/Day/Morning, "Sunday", Teach/Taught - (Chalkboard), Temple, "Thank You", The Way - (Pointing), Think About - (Jesus & Father), Thought/Think/Ponder, "to the Church", Tomb, Tools, Toys/Play, Umbrella, Vegetables, Walk/Follow - (Foot Prints), "We Thank Thee", Wind, Woman 2, and Work/Clean/Sweep (Heavenly Father measures 4 inches tall in layout)