Easter Bingo Set of 12- Instant Download

Easter Bingo Set of 12- Instant Download

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This listing is for a downloadable file for Resurrection Bingo.
This download includes jpeg files for 12 full page bingo cards. Each card is different and features images from the Easter story. The bingo cards are made using my own original drawings with four pictures across and four pictures down. Each card is a different arrangement. Also included is a set of 22 calling cards, an Easter scripture reference card (which can be used chronologically or alphabetically), and an instructions card.

Resurrection Bingo Instructions
1. Choose something to use for place markers. You could use beans, M&M’s, smarties, or any other small objects.
2. Place the 2”x2” calling cards into a bag or a hat and mix them up.
3. Pass out bingo cards to each player.
4. Without looking, draw out the calling cards one at a time and show them to the players. Have each player mark the matching square if it appears on their bingo card.
5. A player wins when he/she has marked four in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) and they call out “bingo”.
Variation: After calling card is drawn out, read the scripture that goes with that picture using the included “Easter Scripture Card” see if the players can match the scripture(s) to the picture on their bingo card.

This set is great for church or family time to review the miraculous story of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. Also fun for holiday family gatherings.

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