All-White Lace Mask for Temple Use

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Features of the base model:

  • Beautiful lace overlay on top of our traditional three layers.
  • Three layers of protection (a built in filter is fused between the outside layers). The inner layer is 100% cotton; the outer layer is 100% microfiber solar fabric rated up to SPF 50. It has permanent moisture-wicking properties and is stain, odor and microbial resistant. The smooth texture resists wrinkles.
  • Comfortable pattern fits most faces. The fitted style has a seam from nose to chin. Many claim it is the most comfortable mask they have ever worn.
  • Adjustable Ear Loops. You choose how tight to wear it.
  • High quality workmanship. Made locally and personally in the USA, hand-sewn to your exact specifications. 

Features of the upgrades: 

  • Adjustable nose bridge wire: Built in and durable. Holds the mask snug over the bridge of the nose. Helps prevent glasses from fogging.
  • Adjustable lanyard/headband ear saver: Made from the same material as the ear loops. When loosened, it holds the mask loose around the neck; when tightened, the ear loops are pulled to the back of the head and can be removed from the ears for comfort.