General Conference Bingo - Printed Set or Digital Download

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This bingo set includes 6 full page (8.5x11) laminated bingo cards (or choose the instant digital download version) featuring images representing topics that may be discussed during the LDS semi-annual conference. . Each card is printed on a full sheet of cardstock and laminated with heavy duty 5 mil lamination, created to last for years of play. The bingo cards are made using my own original drawings. Each card has four pictures across and four pictures down. Each card will be a different arrangement.

1. Purchase Place Markers. My family likes to use Pastel M&Ms for Spring Conference and candy corn for Fall Conference.
2. Purchase a bag of mini candy bars or other prizes.
3. Go over the cards and review the different pictures and what they mean with your family.
4. Hand out cards and watch conference marking spaces as each topic is covered.
5. Reward bingos with chosen prizes. Clear board after each talk or after a blackout bingo.
6. If the kids are older have them identify they main idea of the talk before rewarding.
This is a great way to help keep your little ones intent and listening to the prophet and apostles twice a year, so that you can listen too. Also great for reviewing conference addresses for Family Home Evening throughout the year.

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