Map Pendant Bracelet

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Perfect gift for your returning sister missionary, have a pendant of each of the areas she served.  Or have one made for a missionary momma, a great way to recall the service of her children.

When you checkout leave the name of each town (or state or country) you'd like a map for, and in what order. Each map will be unique. No guarantee on colors. If you want more of a say of what maps are used you can send me images of the maps you'd like me to use in an email

This bracelet is completely customizable. Choose 1 pendant, 2 pendants, 3, 4, or 5. The more pendants the less amount of chain. Need more than 5, we can do that. Please message me so we can customize it together.

Each pendant is 12mm which is slightly smaller than half an inch.

Chain is a rolo chain which will come with enough chain for the wearer to customize the length.  Choose between these lengths:
5 inches to 6.5 inches
6 inches to 7.5 inches
7 inches to 8.5 inches
8 inches to 9.5 inches