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Are you looking for a good book to read?  Take a look at these titles from LDS Author Bernard Wilkerson and follow the links to purchase from Kindle.


Beaches of Brazil

Kindle Price: $.99

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Beaches of Brazil is a novelette about a deceased couple who get to take an unusual vacation...

When red haired, fair skinned Catherine and her husband are offered the opportunity to take any kind of vacation they want, go any where they want, any time they want and be anyone they want, lying on a beach in Brazil as a tanned blonde is all she can dream of.






Kindle Price: $2.99
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October 17, 2013
Gary Lomax has it all going for him. A beautiful wife, a lot of money, and now the opportunity for the adventure of a lifetime - moving to Southern France and traveling throughout Europe.

Dying from a heart attack changes everything.

Gary learns the ins and outs of the Afterlife from his guide, Tilly, his counselor, Lance, and Laura, a victim of domestic violence to whom he feels deeply attracted. Forced to examine his own motivations in life, including the meaning of the phrase ‘until death do you part’, Gary finally gets to travel, visiting



In The Beginning

May 8, 2014
What did you do before you were born?

What choices did you make?

Rachel and her friends prepare for mortality by helping create the world they’ll live on and learning about making choices. The decision to become mortal seems easy for Rachel until one of her friends insists there’s another way, throwing Rachel’s life into confusion and leading her to wonder who she can trust, who she can love and who she should follow.

In In the Beginning, Bernard Wilkerson has blended science and faith, fantasy and cosmological theory to create a compelling vision of what premortal existence may have been like.

You’ve never imagined it this way...




Kindle Price: $2.99
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November 29, 2014
"Wilkerson's best yet!"

Emily English dies, according to her, "the stupidest death ever", but dying opens up new opportunities for her, including exploring a relationship with her communion counselor, Lance, and searching for her father.

Gary and Laura join her on her search and the group ends up discovering more than any of them counted on.

Discovery is another adventure in the Afterlife from Bernard Wilkerson.