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Now Available for Android Phones!

You MUST go to the Ap Store or Google Play to purchase - only $2.99!

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The CountDown Maps Mobile App
is a fun and convenient way to keep track of your missionaries. Whether they are your children, parents, family, or friends, you can track as many Elders, Sisters, or Couples as you wish and incorporate as many details as you like. This is perfect for parents, families, bishops, and anyone who has friends or family serving missions. 



The Essential Missionary Mobile App

Show all of the missionaries you are tracking and where they are serving. Photos can be inserted as a visual reminder. This list can be sorted alphabetically or by the date that they return home.


Monitor Their Progress

If you tap on a missionary from the list, you can see all of the information about that missionary including Days served, Days remaining, percent complete, email address, mailing address, current companion(s), and a favorite scripture or quote. The email address is also a direct link to your email, so that you can start an email to them from this view. You can also put in a future departure date and it will countdown the days until they leave.

Update Their Info Anytime

Edit the missionary to change information like picture, area, departure and return dates, email address, and quotes.

Share Address

This button allows you to send the missionary’s email address or mailing address to others either through text or email. This is a quick and easy way to send contact information to family or friends who want to write to them. Copy & Paste functionality is also enabled through the Share button.

Record Their Transfers

If you click on the View Transfers button, you see a list of all the transfers that have been entered. From here you can add new transfers or companions or edit existing ones. On the Edit Transfer page, you can enter their current area, companion, date of the transfer, choose a color for the map, enter their mailing address, and add notes about that things that are going on in that area. Information from the most recent transfer is moved onto the Stats page.

View Time And Transfers

If you click on the View Map button, you will see an outline map of the country or state where that missionary is serving. This map is automatically filled in as the days go by to show their progress in the map. Colors coordinate with the Transfers list – you can changes colors based on areas, companion, by transfer, or whatever you would like. Have fun, be creative.

You must go to the App Store to purchase for only $2.99 - Click Here!

Click Here for Google Play on Android phones!

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