Personalized Leather Cuff - Missionary Mom / Grandma / Dad by Reclaimed Rustic Boutique

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*The photo of the finished cuff is an example only

Made from up-cycled leather belts
Personalized with your own words
6 Lines Maximum
Hand stamped
Perfectly Imperfect

When you add the item to your cart and check out there will be a box that says "Additional comments". This is where you will give us your tight wrist measurement, tell us if and which embellishment you would like, and write EXACTLY what you would like to be stamped on your cuff. Please proofread the spelling of all names. When we stamp the name of the mission on the metal, the country or state will be first as that is how it was written on the mission call.

Please remember that each item is unique and full of character with a bit of rustic wear and hand stamped words which were stamped by a human not a machine :).

We hope your cuff brings as much joy to you as you wear it as we had creating it for you! We want our customers to be 100% satisfied. If there are any issues or concerns please contact us immediately and we will do whatever possible to help solve any problems.

Thank you for shopping with Rustic Ashe Boutique!

We create leather cuffs from up-cycled belts to link you to your loved ones and to inspire your soul.

We are good friends who met a short time ago but feel like we've known each other for much longer. As creative souls we tossed ideas around until Rustic Ashe Boutique was born. We up-cycle beautiful leather belts into cuffs with hand stamped words that reflect your heart, connect you to loved ones, and whisper words of inspiration to your soul. Recently, we sent out three missionaries between the two of us and found that we love wearing jewelry that links us to our sons. We love what we do and are passionate about serving missionary moms whose sons and daughters are serving around the world.

The name of our business, Rustic Ashe, actually has deep personal meaning. We believe in the power of names and words and in creating something beautiful from something worn out. Ashe includes the initials of our names, Alli and Heather, as well as the initials of each of our sweet daughters who sprinkle our lives with giggles, hugs, some spunk, and a little sass.

We delight in creating each individual cuff knowing the blessings and lasting connection it will bring to the soul who receives it. Let us create something for you!