Provo Temple Socks - Navy

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Elite Sport Sock With Provo Temple Silhouette.

Navy and White
80% Acrylic  20% Nylon and Elastic Blend

True Crew Socks are made of 80% Acrylic and 20% Nylon-Elastic blend.  Each sock has arch support on the foot and mesh top to wick moisture. 

One size fits most.  Size 7-11  

True Crew Socks are constructed with carefully selected pro-grade fabrics known for their hydrophobic, wicking (i.e. the ability to transport moisture away from the skin) and moisture management attributes. These products retain their insulating qualities, even when wet; and they act to help keep your feet dry. A dry foot retains warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer, and the absence of moisture next to the skin helps to minimize the risk of hot spots and blisters. 
Compression zones in the ankle and/or arch of a sock provide a higher level of support, thereby reducing foot fatigue and aiding circulation. These zones also help prevent slippage inside the shoe and insure a proper fit for the life of the sock.
Blister Control:
Hot spots and blisters can be debilitating, so we offer a healthy dose of preventative measures in and through unique yarns that naturally reduce friction and wick away moisture, and high-splice designs that provide extra shielding in problem areas.