Silk Blend Scarf - Missionary Message

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Write for Her Silk Scarf

A Missionary… – Silk Blend Wrinkle Infinity Scarf with Message of Inspiration for Missionaries

Silk Blend Wrinkle Infinity Scarf with Inspirational Message

Message: “A Missionary leaves their family for a short time, so that those they teach may be with their families forever.”

Material: 20% Silk 80% Cotton Shawl

Size: 27 x 31 inch (open size is wider)

Weight: 3.6 oz

My Inspiration: Missionary service is a sacred and important aspect of my life. It was 20 years ago that I was taught by missionaries that changed my life forever, my husband served a mission and in the not so far future our daughter plans to serve a mission. I am humbled by the dedication of those willing to leave their homes and families to serve others.
A portion of each missionary scarf sold will be donated to the LDS Missionary Fund to help a young man or woman achieve their dream of sharing the gospel.

Write For a Cause

Write For Her is aligned with many organizations looking to make a difference in women’s lives. For $10, you can provide a scarf to a woman or girl currently receiving treatment, counseling or therapy. With your contribution, a deserving woman will receive a scarf as a gift from you to wrap her in love, strength and comfort, so she knows she is not alone in this.