Silk Blend Scarf - I am a Daughter of God

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Write for Her Silk Scarf

I am a Daughter of God – Silk Blend Wrinkle Infinity Inspirational Scarf

Silk Blend Wrinkle Infinity Scarf with Inspirational Message

Message: “I am amazing, I am strong, I am beautiful, I am kind, I am of great worth, I am honest, I am Loved, I am a daughter of God”

Material: 20% Silk 80% Cotton infinity

Size: 27 x 31 inch (open size is wider)

Weight: 3.6 oz

My Inspiration: I have a daughter and each day  I would write on the napkin I put in her lunch box, to remind her, she was beautiful, strong, kind and of great worth.  I don’t want her to ever doubt these things. But alas at the end of lunch she wiped her mouth and napkin went in the trash. Now they are wrapped around her neck all day long and each time she sees her reflection she will be reminded of her worth.

Write For a Cause

Write For Her is aligned with many organizations looking to make a difference in women’s lives. For $10, you can provide a scarf to a woman or girl currently receiving treatment, counseling or therapy. With your contribution, a deserving woman will receive a scarf as a gift from you to wrap her in love, strength and comfort, so she knows she is not alone in this.