Teach My Gospel Missionary Training Card Sets

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Teach My Gospel Missionary Training Card Sets-- based on and colored coded to match the Preach My Gospel Missionary Lessons. Help your prospective missionary confidently enter the MTC.   
The cards . . .
  • teach key phrases and prompts for successful lesson delivery
  • solidify the prospective missionary's understanding of essential gospel principles
  • visually engage the student in the lesson through striking art
  • prompt missionary to share personal experiences/bear testimony

Perfect for Family Home Evening as well as:

  • investigators
  • Mission Prep class      
  • YM/YW
  • Gospel Essentials class
  • personal study
  • Seminary
  • Missionaries in the field
  • Primary        
  • preparing young children for baptism

The cards sets are available as downloads or beautiful, full
color printed sets.  The download price is $9.99 with the rights
to print 2 set, or $29.99 plus $5 shipping for the full color
printed sets.

To print, follow the instructions found at the link below: