The True Meaning of Christmas Flannel Board Felt Set

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This 16 piece "printed" flannel board story made from my own original pictures is based on the symbols of Christmas and they represent the birth of Jesus Christ.

Story excerpt: "Santa then reached into his bag, pulled out a tiny FIR TREE, and placed it on the mantle. 'Teach the Children that the stately fir tree remains green all year round, showing the everlasting hope of mankind. The needles point heavenward, making it a symbol of our prayers that always reach God.'
Santa again reached into his sack and pulled out a brilliant STAR. 'Teach the Children that the Bethlehem star was the sign of promises long ago. God promised to send a Savior to deliver the world. The bright star pointed to the fulfillment of that promise—God’s only Son had been born..."

Pieces included are:
Santa, bag, fir tree, star, light strand, candy cane, pray, gift, angel, Santa ornament, love (heart), wreath, sheep, world, baby Jesus, and Santa bowing. (Santa Measures 5 inches tall.)

Also included is a laminated copy of the story.

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